by Natalie Cisneros

The Corkmen

A bit about ourselves: We really love basic things like art, wine and recycling. We believe you can certainly make something out of ‘nothing’, and that’s exactly what we aim to do with our art! Each cork is upcycled and transformed into a unique and custom sculpture piece for your home or office. We feel that corks have their own personality which is why for years we could never bring ourselves to throw them away. Needless to say, our kitchen drawers were full of them, and being the art-loving people we are, we decided to create cork based sculptures! All of our Corkmen are handmade out of wine or liquor corks and each Corkman is made to order so, no two Corkmen are 100% the same. Hope you guys enjoy our creations, drop us a line, say hello!

-The Cork Peeps



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