Nice Coffee Sac: Bags Made from Upcycled Coffee Sacs

I make all kinds of bags made from upcycled coffee sacs. Also a little furniture. I design and make a variety of bags, most have a great deal of character and a story.
The bags have worked hard lugging coffee around the world, it’s nice they can end up in the hands of people who love their cool logo and rustic strength.
Jute is a difficult fabric to work with and it took some time get it working with me, that and a hard core sewing machine. I re-use fabrics as much as possible, jeans, corduroy, trousers, leather jackets. I do buy some lining fabric but my goal it to ultimately replace these fabrics with organic ethically sourced fabric.
I never buy leather, I do not wish to use animal products. But give me a pair of second hand leather trousers and a coffee sac and I’ll give you a nice coffee sac with leather handles.



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Denise Muncy
Denise Muncy

Love your bags! Where do you find the used coffee bags?

Reply to  Denise Muncy

Coffee roasters give them away or sometimes ask for a donation to raise money.

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