by Júlia Gispert I Saura

An Original Orchard with Used Tires

I had four tires lying down in a corner, waiting for a second life. I like gardening, and I wanted to try making a little orchard at the terrace. I thought, “Why not?” and so I transformed them into some containers to grow up tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes…
I cut one of the sides and painted the tires with some paint left from another project. Once they were painted, I put a mesh both to avoid the ground leaving the tires and to have a good water drainage. I used the circle I had cut to hold the mesh and I filled them with ground, after putting them on a high support to avoid humidity.
The vegetables are delicious, and all the people that comes home is amazed, with such an original flowerpot!



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Be careful. You must clean the tyres thoroughly to make sure all contaminants are removes.
Tyres pick up lots of chemicals during their life on the road, including heavy metals which are toxic. These can be absorbed by your plants during growth and hence into you.
Tyres might be better kept for ornamentals.


This looks awesome!!! What kind of paint is being used?


@Andy Sure I cleaned the tyres! And I’ve never had any trouble with the plants… The only food I grow there are tomatoes and I’ve never had any trouble… Anyway, I think I’ll take care of your advice and not use them to grow food! (All my little plants died last February after a bad snow)

@Ghislaine That’s simply wall paint! The same I used to paint the back wall.


What did you use to cut them?


I used simply a cutter.
You may use a kitchen knive too.
Be careful with your fingers!


Tires degrade over the years and toxins are released. Not safe for foods. Great for sunflowers…my favorite.
Birds love them too,

Daniel Baum via Facebook

I have seen those about 20 Years ago at our local tire shop … but they used truck tires for a whole “garden like” area

Elisabeth Gispert via Facebook

The original work is from: handmade by Júlia Gispert Saura

Ainė Rain via Facebook
Ainė Rain via Facebook

Good Ideas!!People should be more interested in recycling. Also a big problem is that waste is leaving anywhere. it’s really disgusting. If you need rent a dumpster you can use services, as I know they are one of the best companies.

Connie G
Connie G

Great idea (but I wouldnt grow food in them either. What did you use for the supports?

Carl Eksteen

It would pay to double check that tyres are suitable for food crops, I’ve been told that there are some nasties that can leach into the soil and from there into your veges.

Karen Aman Hansen

I have heard that as well, Carl, though I haven’t seen any actual studies on it. Just the same, I only put flowers and foliage plants in my tire planters.

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