by Sean Ragan

Pop Top Lamp Shade

I made the first one of these back in 2009, and it was later included in Garth Johnson’s creative reuse book. Since then, I have had many requests for a detailed tutorial. Well, here it is the tutorial.

The only parts required, besides the top and bottom lamp shade hoops, are aluminum can “stay” tabs that have been bent and cut with pliers. No wire, string, glue, or other fastener is required. The one shown here is 7″ in diameter and 8″ tall and consists of 16 rows of 34 tabs each—544 tabs in all. They can, of course, be made bigger or smaller as you please, and the “chain mail” technique used to join them can probably be used to produce other forms.



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Lianne Snow
Lianne Snow

Right on. My Pop Tab garments are ringed together so they roll over the skin. I like this.

Peter Speck via Facebook
Peter Speck via Facebook

Very niceee

Terri Bett via Facebook

love it TX

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