Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Machine

To upcycle my coffee maker, I had to free the machine out of the modern plastic housing. Boiler, pump, pad holder and electronics became the new measures for this pallet coffee machine. The hidden ‘internal‘ parts are now visible for viewing. Internal processes like the water passing in the transparent tube’s give insight if the machine is doing well. Nearly all the wood comes from an old pallet. The branded code and symbol I attached to the left side. I used all the original electric cabling except the addition of a switch and fuse. Making an extra outlet for tea water was simple by splitting the warm water tube. I used a hose clip for coffee or tea water. It toke me a day for the construction. To obtain the right materials toke some more time.



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Andrew O'Donnell

Curtis McConnell instead of the flooring…(?)

Curtis McConnell

That’s awesome!

Juliette Ascone

Woo Destination !!! Tu vas bien ??

David Bump
David Bump

What a great project. Other then the pallet wood, what other materials did you use to complete this wonderful coffee maker?

Berto Aussems
Berto Aussems
Reply to  David Bump

@David. The reservoir is a glass vase, I wanted a square one. I used perspex for the electronic console and in front of the boiler. The pump base is from aluminium. Copper cable holders, cable binders, switches and nails and screws.

Mac Zane


Mac Zane

Simon Sourbié

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