Recycle: The Sexy Thing To Do

I’m going to stand right up and say it: People who don’t recycle are selfish assholes. It’s true. Throwing away a recyclable is lazy, inconsiderate, and rude. Most people don’t know this, but every time they toss a soda can, newspaper or latte cup into the garbage, their appeal plummets instantly. These naive trashers don’t realize how unbecoming they’ve just become. You could have Brad Pitt in a tux beside a “Free Neck Rubs” sign, but if he throws a water bottle in the trash can? Gross.

The good news is, the trashy-effect is completely reversible. Here’s the secret: if it’s recyclable, recycle it. Visualize yourself doing it right now… You have an empty bottle in your hand. You see before you a garbage can on the left, a recycle bin on the right. You have a decision to make. It’s simple: choose the recycle bin. See your arm moving towards it now, your hand slowly releasing the bottle into that beautiful, glorious bin. Bam! You just saved the earth, my friend. Instant sex appeal. You’re looking hot. Smoking hot. You better cool down, we’ve already got a global warming problem here.

See how easy that was? Trash can or recycle bin… The effort is equal; the choice is easy. Choose to recycle. Choose to be sexy, classy, and bold. Every time you recycle you become instantly more attractive, well-received and adored. You’ll be setting an example for everyone around you. You’re smart, and it shows. Your actions are contagious.

You – yes you – can save the earth. Welcome to the team, Captain Recycle. The cape looks good on you.

Stefanie Cornell is a hypnotherapist, model and empowerment advocate residing near Vancouver, BC. She created this campaign to bring awareness and attractiveness to the act of recycling. Distribution of these photos is permitted and encouraged. Pick your favorite, save it, share it.

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Awesome!! you doing what is needed and how it is needed!

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