Recycled Plastic Wasp Sculpture

I created this reclaimed plastic wasp as part of an exhibition on pollinators.

I was asked to make a wasp ( & moth) draw awareness to the lesser-known pollinating insects, we all know bees are in decline, to encourage re-wilding & planting wildflowers to help our wildlife.

I used lots of plastic found dumped at our local market & street junk to build the body. Securing the body with steel rod & rivets. The shopping trolley structure reminded me of the Paper Wasps hive were they store their food and to make a connection between the fresh food we eat and how pollinators are needed to pollinate the food-producing plants.

Also, a wasp is really beautiful, slick-looking critters when you really start to look closely at them.

Recycled Plastic Wasp Sculpture 1 • Recycled Art
Recycled Plastic Wasp Sculpture 3 • Recycled Art


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