Recycling Magazine Pages

I start by collecting pages from magazines, supermarket folders, whatever paper with a bright color. Dividing the page in two, vertically I start to roll the pieces of paper, one by one. After that, they need to be flattened to make a coil (more) quickly.

After this preparation work (hundreds and hundreds of coils), it’s time to glue them together and start to shape the piece you have in mind. You can do it freely or use an object (a bowl, a basket) as a matrix. That’s all!

Recycling Magazine Pages 1 • Recycling Paper & Books
Recycling Magazine Pages 3 • Recycling Paper & Books
Recycling Magazine Pages 5 • Recycling Paper & Books

Recycling Magazine Pages 7 • Recycling Paper & Books
Recycling Magazine Pages 9 • Recycling Paper & Books

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Norma Shaw

This is very much like quilling. A very old craft still done today.

Reply to  Norma Shaw

YES! If you do quilling – particularly if you use any upcycled products, we’d LOVE to see it! Thanks from your Recyclart team.


Beautiful. The instructions are so brief here, I don’t have a clear picture of the method.
• Dividing the page in two –do you mean cut/tear it the long way, vertically?
• Roll the pieces of paper — the half-page would be about 4″ tall when rolled into a coil, would that be right?
• How are they flattened?
You seem to have long strips here, as a top border or to make a flat bottom. How are those made?

Reply to  Prof_W

I echo Prof_W’s questions. Would love a little more detail. Wow it’s a stunning piece!

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