Star Wars At-at Walker Made from Repurposed Skateboard Decks

If you are a fan of Star Wars and also a Skateboarder, you will love this amazing sculpture of an AT-AT walker entirely made from repurposed skateboard decks by Derek Keenan’s! It measures 16 inches tall by 17 inches long and features articulated joints. The sculpture could be seen in an exhibition called Deathstar Blues and currently open at The Black Book Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Skateboarding and Star Wars are two of the biggest creative endeavors and commercial outlets of the past 40 years. Both gained immense popularity going into the 1980’s creating generations of devoted fans and successful consumer related brands that continue to thrive.


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Marie Laure Gobin

Pour les fans !!!

Norma Lee Giggling

Ian Fuller, show to Mason for me?

Terri May

Nice work.

(FYI — used boards are recycled, new boards used for an unintended purpose — like making art — are “re-purposed”. These decks look like they have the wear and tear associated with actual skateboard use so they are “recycled”.)

Il Vero Paganin

Je surkiffe ??

Na Dine

Sarah Wilson O’Neil wir kennen zwei interessierte StarWars Fans, oder? ?

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