Stove Top Espresso Pot Repurpose

There are far too many stove top espresso makers out there that are not being used! Perhaps it was a gift or a “find” at a flea market. Perhaps you just plain think it’s too much trouble to use. In any event, you’re probably thinking it belongs in your next yard sale. DON’T BE SO HASTY!

First, remove the funnel and cut it apart just below the basket, Discard the rest in your recycle bin. Next, drill a hole in the base fairly close to the bottom and install a lamp socket that takes an old style Christmas light. The kind that get hot. This needs to be wired to a switched power cord. Third, reassemble the pot with a handful of coffee beans in the funnel.

Here is the complete rundown. The funnel basket holds the coffee beans above the hot lamp in the base. The lamp, in turn will heat up the coffee beans releasing the oils and making them rise to the top of the espresso pot. There is a two-fold purpose to flipping the handle upside down. First, it holds the coffee pot lid open just a crack allowing the coffee oil aroma to escape. Secondly, it’s my homage to! (Thanks Dilbert! :))


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