Street Gold App Idea : For the Recyclers !

Pascal contacted us few times ago to present us its project and we loved it ! Now the project is launched and you can go on SellAnApp in order to learn more about this brilliant idea and maybe be a pledger to help Pascal to concretize it !

Here is the pitch:
After years of collecting so called “garbage” from german streets and building very useful things out of it, I thought that it would be really cool not only to rely on luck on the hunt but facts.
So here it is: A simple tool to locate usefull trash in the streets. If you see something that someone might need, post it. If you look for something for free, find it. The App is as simple as possible.
Whenever you see some nice piece of wood or a box of old lp’s on the street corner, simply take a picture and upload it to the street-gold-server. Location and date is saved automatically. If you feel like it, name your treasure and add some additional information. Post it and other viewers will see it immediately. After two days, the post will be automatically removed if no one updates it.
Then if you search for something, just browse yourself through the nearby trash.
You’ll find some wood, you’ll find some old lp’s -> BAM, new sideboard and funky, weird music.

There will be 2 types of this App, the free version with advertisement and the pro version without advertisement and some neat features:

  • advanced treasure search
  • automatic push notification if something you need is around you
  • customizable activation length for treasures (normally they are deleted two days after activation)

Convinced ? need more information ? Hurry up, go at SellAnApp ! :)


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