Upcycled Robot Maker

I assemble figures, basically robots, only utilizing reused scrap metal parts. I discover materials in junk jars, in the road, or in recycled exchanges. My methodology gives these pieces a subsequent life and repurposes them. I create and make unordinary developments. This time, I work with IKEA utensils.

Some IKEA utensils are absolutely ideal for building robots. For instance, IKEA SULTAN or CAPITA which at normal times are used as furniture legs, but here they serve as robot feet. In the same way, KVART lamps are perfect as arms for robots. They are articulated, mobile and allow the robot to diffuse a beautiful light.

Usually, I hunt for these utensils in second-hand markets or flea markets. I prefer to give abandoned materials a “second life”. I start with no preconceived idea of what my robots will look like. I just follow my visual instincts. Either the final vision is immediate, or the idea will slowly mature and will emerge later on.

With the materials I’ve collected, I assemble with other utensils such as extinguishers, gas meters, toaster, dry cleaner… everything is possible! Assembling the electrical components is simple. The domino connecting the 2 KVART lamps is inserted inside the body. The construction is relatively simple based on drilling. It takes just a drill and some screws and bolts. The most complicated part is to find pieces that when finally assembled must release a beautiful harmony.

Upcycled Robot Maker 1 • Recycling Metal
Upcycled Robot Maker 3 • Recycling Metal
Upcycled Robot Maker 5 • Recycling Metal
Upcycled Robot Maker 7 • Recycling Metal
Upcycled Robot Maker 9 • Recycling Metal
Upcycled Robot Maker 11 • Recycling Metal
Upcycled Robot Maker 13 • Recycling Metal
Upcycled Robot Maker 15 • Recycling Metal


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