by Andy Kirchner

Candle Light From Upcycled Old Cans

Hand made candle light designs made from old cans. Dog food, soup, vegetable, coffee, it’s all re-usable.

I came with this idea because many of these cans are not being recycled. I had a spinal injury that changed my life for good, getting back on my feet out of my wheelchair was not only a battle but an eye opener. Seeing so many people struggle and not knowing what to do in their future I came with the “2ndLife Curacao” idea. Giving them a 2nd chance at life by giving a 2nd chance at disposed materials (pallets, bottles, cans, coconuts, jars etc.) With the products made and sold they are getting paid, we can provide guidance and help them live independently again on the long run.

The most popular of the products became the “love lights” hand drilled cans for a personalized candle holder. Cans take between 10 minutes to an hour to make, depending on the size and material. Funny thing, everybody loves the big cans but it’s the small ones that really shine the brightest.





Processed with Moldiv


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Olga Anger

How do you make holes in a metalic can?

Marjan Recycling

With a drill or a hammer


Très jolie vos photophore!!!!

With a very sharp pricker. Depending on the material of the can I decide if I use a hammer or just my hands. also the size of the holes I want to create.

A drill just takes too much time and mostly rips the can. You have less control.

melody luna
melody luna

I do these also but I fill the cans with water and freeze overnight. I lay the can sideways in a makeshift wooden V holder (I made) so it doesn’t roll. Then I take a hammer and large nail and hammer out the design. It works pretty well. With the frozen ice inside the can it supports the shape till I’m done hammering the pattern of the design. Leave out the can in room temp upside down in a bucket so the ice melts out and no mess.

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