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Recycled Christmas Photobooth

By Neokentin

We made this Christmas Photobooth using pallet wood for the “kitchen”, corn husk for the flower, and plastic bottle for the “glass wall”.

Christmas Angel Ornaments From Re-used Plastic Sandwich Bags

By Neokentin

They shine like pearls, these bags. Throwing them in the bin after use: that’s a sin for me. Finishing my lunch I put them in my pocket. The idea to […]

Christmas Tree Star from Strapping Tape

By Neokentin

How to create a straightforward and original star using strapping tape. Make a star for your decoration projects (wreaths, Christmas tree, …) with this smart idea.

Christmas Tree Made of Upcycled Amazon Packaging

By Gertsch

My girlfriend made that Christmas tree out of some cardboard packaging we collected over the last months. The design originally comes from me, and she adapted it :D It took […]

Fun Christmas Crafts Made from Pinecones

By Neokentin

My six-year-old son and I made these Animal and Christmas Tree’s from an initial idea of wanting to use Pine Cones we gathered out for a walk. We thought it would be exciting to make Animals and the Christmas Tree’s came from inspiration from Recyclart and other websites etc.

Recyclart Etsy Gift Guide!

By Neodim

Long ago, many in the world decreed that the end of the calendar year should be a time to give people gifts. Some partake in this tradition with Christmas gifts, […]

Globein.com – Artisan Bathe Box Review

By HeatherStiletto

When you’ve had a hard day at work – or crafting – or searching for holiday deals before Black Friday, it’s nice to be able to pamper yourself a bit. […]

Cardboard Christmas Surprise

By wesleyjhastings

Cfx Inc. owners Chris Frank and Megan Frank wanted to surprise their daughters on Christmas with news of a planned trip to Europe. A little bit of cardboard and a lot of creativity led to an amazing surprise on Christmas morning…

Christmas Wreath From Recycled Twisted Steel Ribbon

By yetiarc

Being tired of the same old traditional holiday wreath this past year I did this for the door. Old rusted, twisted steel ribbon style farm fencing fashioned into a wreath […]

3d Stars out of Upcycled Sandwich Bags Paper

By Ronja Lotte

This is my favorite recycling project of the year! Make 3D stars out of paper sandwich bags in just two minutes. This is also a great holyday craft project for kids.

Upcycled Leather Into Gift Tags

By Ronja Lotte

Dear friends, I’m not ready yet to wrap my Christmas gifts but I’ve already thought about wrapping ideas and I want to show you one of these ideas today: gift […]

Upcycled Bike Gear Into Ornaments

By UrbanVeggie

Repurposed upcycled bike gears have been handcrafted into original art pieces for the home. The posted photos show a conceptual design that the artisan and consumer can use as an […]

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