Lamp From Old Water Heater

By Neokentin

When there was no electricity during the pre-electrification era, a device was used in India, to heat the bathing water. This water heating device is called Bumbo in Gujarat. There […]

Old Lamp Saved From The Landfill

By StarvedRaccoon

If you have an old lamp that isn’t working and is too costly to repair, don’t trash it! There are a lot of things you can do with it. Here’s just one idea…

Contour Lamp 2016 from Plastic Packaging & Fence Battens

By Neokentin

A unique freestanding lamp made in New Zealand from plastic packaging and fence battens by MADE-UP DESIGN NZ.

Vintage Steam Punk Industrial Re-purposed World Globe Swivel Desk / Floor Lamp

By Neodim

I made this amazing One Of A Kind table or floor lamp. I call it my “What’s this world coming to?“, it’s an Industrial Steam Punk re-purposed world globe into […]

Duclamp: Floor Lamp Made From Upcycled Ducati St4 Frame

By azbill

My friend sent me a Ducati ST4 frame and asked “What can you I do with it?”. I let the frame set on my office floor a few days pondering […]

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