by Chiara One O

Diy: Terracotta Vase Restyling

Today’s issue is pretty near to my heart. If you follow us on Instagram you probably know I have a little family of growing cacties: exactly, they’re growing and I’m so sad they’re dieing because the original vases are way too small. Beyond this, I discovered that the original soil in which they’re sold practically kills them after the first month or so. How cruel is this? And mine have been in there for more than 6 months!!
Now you understand my anxiety and need of brand new vases. So I found these gorgeous terracotta vases, with hole at the bottom (that’s fundamental) and water draining plate. Yeah, but the orangery brown colour put me out. So here’s a quick guide to give style to terracotta vases!





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remade in Britain
remade in Britain

Good size for a cactus plant, looks quite simple to do, thanks for sharing.

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