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Easy Pallet Ideas For Your Garden Or Balcony

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

Pallets are always an easy way to decorate your garden or balcony or terrace, needing minimum cost…but they can also be used as pallet planters for example. See some ideas […]

Standing Lamp Planter … From Volkswagen Car Scraps

By raydream

“You’re just like my grandfather collecting these junks!” A colleague exclaimed as I salvaged parts from a Volkswagen destined for the scrap yard. Grandfather from Germany or not, I couldn’t […]

Simple Pedestal Paint Bucket Planters

By Upcycled Design Lab

DIY Planters made from paint buckets and old candle sticks.

The Green Chair

By Neokentin

This project is the perfect combination of my 2 passions, upholstery and gardening! What is the point? Giving a new life to furniture. A garden is a living thing, right? […]

Diy: Chair Planter

By Neodim

Recently I found this vintage wooden chair frame abandoned next to a dumpster. I decided to try a project we’ve all seen before, turning a chair into a garden planter. […]

Diy: Strawberry Pallet Planter

By Neodim

A great and unique strawberry pallet planter that stands up by itself and doesn’t need to lean on a wall. Strawberry plants need room to grow and spread out individually […]

30+ Creative Ideas Using Vintage Glass Insulators

By Neodim

Vintage Glass insulators were first produced in the 1850s for telegraph lines, then for telephone and power transmission lines. They insulated and protected the wooden poles from the electricity coursing […]

Furniture with Roof Garden by Redolab

By Neokentin

A new work by Redolab. All material was recovered: reclaimed wood and iron. An interior design idea for a simple and elegant relaxation area.

Manly Wall Planter

By Neokentin

I have been making wall planters from recycled steel I get at the scrap yard and decided to take it one step further and use some old car junk I […]

Recycled Cork Flower Pots

By Neokentin

Corkits are our twist to the traditional flower pot. These eco-friendly pots are made from recycled cork and non-toxic materials. Corkits™ are great for small plants such as herbs, spices, […]

Modern Hanging Plants Wall from Recycled Plastic Bottles

By Neokentin

This wall of hanging plants looks very modern and design and the best…it was done with recycled plastic bottles. So, before throwing away those bottles from your favorite beverages, think […]

Repurposed Decoration for a Dutch Loft

By Neodim

Here is the loft of the architect Peggy Betke and his companion, Bouke Touw, in Amsterdam. They invested and converted the ground floor of an old brick building that was […]

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