Diy Video Tutorial: Using Wall Stencils To Beautify Your Home

By HeatherStiletto

Wallpaper is expensive, and difficult to install. Painting is easier, but can be a little drab. Add some style and flair the easy way to beautify your home Using Wall […]

Upcycled Wine Crate Becomes Decorative Wooden Altar

By Poubelle

Turning wine crates into wall art is possible when you put your mind and your heart into the project. This Decorative Wooden Altar shows how to upcycle something as common […]

Creative Upcycled Ironing Board Plant Stand!

By Poubelle

Finally, I found the solution to put some of my plants on the mini balcony. I upcycled an old mini ironing board into this Ironing Board Plant Stand! This Ironing Board […]

Mixed Media Art: Heron Hunting Wall Art

By lmcclamrock

What can you make with old magazines? Look closely…

Reconstructed Hardware Computer Art

By stekunoff

Samuel created a sculpture collection titled Reconstructed Hardware. Breaking down 30 computer towers into their individual parts and components produced ten individual sculptures. I don’t pre-plan my sculptures; therefore, each one is randomly created and unique.

She Makes Sea Shell, Sea Sand Wall Art

By Maya Rodriguez

This is a an inspirational piece base on my trip to Aruba.

Upcycled Shell Butterfly Wall Art

By Maya Rodriguez

This is a butterfly made out of sea shells I picked up in Aruba and a paper clip. The background is made out of a piece of sampler wallpaper and the frame is made out of ice cream sticks.

Blue Heron Upcycled Paper Wall Art

By Marlene

I am surrounded by nature which is a huge inspiration for the recycled pieces I create.

Outrageous Playing Cards Wall Art Captures Movement

By marcopisano

What is the consequence of being many things, change your mind, break the rules, do not have tasks to perform?

Upcycled Wood Panel Photo Transfers

By Neokentin

Hardly Wasted Artwork is original photography & artwork by Black Rose Photography (aka me) printed/mounted on re-purposed/recycled timber.

Asma Upcycled Art Piece Representing Lungs

By marcopisano

Our lungs seen as two boots, necessarily marked by their walk.

Upcycled Bamboo Picture Frames: Fetch a Stick Snap a Pic

By Neokentin

I had some leftover bamboo, and a great selection of pictures, and decided to combined the two into these Upcycled Bamboo Picture Frames! Upcycled Bamboo Picture Frames are fun, flexible, and […]

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