Vertical Garden of Kitchen Scraps

By Neokentin

After my weekend kitchen shopping I looked around the kitchen and had loads of packaging material lying around. Egg cartons, mango cardboard box, an oval cookie plastic cover, ribbons and […]

The Savvy Shopper

By Neokentin

Part of what I do in my shop is making home decor items out of old, worn out or just unwanted furniture. Star burst mirrors out of table legs and […]

Discard(Board) Portraits

By Neokentin

These portraits are made from cardboard on its way to the dumpster!

Michigan License Plate Flag of the Usa

By Neokentin

Over 40 vintage Michigan license plates, dozens of hours, some sore hands and 300+ nails later, an American flag is created! This piece of art will be hanging in a […]

Painted Bird

By Bill Thomson

Recycled metal paint tray, cd discs, bottle caps, metal cooking tools and wood dowel. Nice as a wall mounted conversation work and is a very practical support for hanging hand […]

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