The Drum Light

The Drum Light 1 • Lamps & Lights
The Drum Light 2 • Lamps & Lights
The Drum Light 3 • Lamps & Lights

Where music meets function!  Utilizing the classic lines of drum stand and snare this light looks great in any location and is fully height adjustable. One tap of the drum activates a set of LED lights within the snare and one further tap turns them off.

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I like the idea, but the heat would affect the tension on the heads. Maybe there isn’t any heat, though

Kevin Riley via Facebook

too cool…

Fernando Nascimento via Facebook
Fernando Nascimento via Facebook

batuque luminoso

Upcycling via Facebook
Upcycling via Facebook

Lol..this is an amazing idea

Debbie Schow
Debbie Schow

This is great, are there DIY tutorials or instructions that I missed?
ANy ideas how to ?

Claire Flammang

Al Oyse !


Hi, fantastic job. I’m attempting to repurpose an old tom and love what you’ve done here. If you could provide some insight into how you did it, that would be great. Thanks!

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