Top 10 Wrapping Ideas from Repurposed Materials

Once you find the proper gift to give, the battle is only half won. Now you need to wrap it appropriately and for that, you need suitable materials. But don’t worry! Your house must have a lot of repurposed materials, so why not try using them? Find inspiration with these clever Wrapping Ideas!

1. One of the prettiest Wrapping Ideas: Jars as gift wraps!

Ever tasted mayo or pickle in jars? Do not trash the jars because you can easily recycle them for use as gift wraps. Place your gift in the jar amidst some colored tissue and then, for some more style, tie the jar with a bow.

Wrapping Ideas  like covering upcycled jars or cans to use is fun, and kid-friendly, too!
This is a great kid-friendly project – have them help you wrap those old jars!


2. Magazines as bows

If there are old magazines at your home, you can always cut out gift bows from them. It would be great to wrap your gift and then top it up with a uniquely beautiful bow.

Wrapping Ideas turn magazines into pretty bows!
That glossy paper and brightly colored advertising is perfect to use as bows.


3. Paint Chips as tags

Do you throw out paint chips? Stop doing that! Simply take a hole-punch and a pair of scissors, and turn your paint chips into colorful gift tags.

Wrapping Ideas like turning paint sample cards into fun tags is brilliant!
We’ve all done it – dreaming of painting your house, and you take home dozens of those paint sample cards, and then you decide that your current paint is okay. But the next time you go to a home center and see those brightly lit displays . . .


4. Brown paper bags as gift bags

The unattractive brown paper bag that you are thinking of doing away with can be transformed to a gorgeous gift bag. Just grab your stencil and start working on these bags.

Wrapping Ideas like turning paper bags into gifts is great!
Paper lunch sacks can be bought cheaply at local 1.00 or less types of stores, or save those little bags you get at the drug store, all-day shopping trips and more. Turn them into beautiful gift bags with just a little bit of effort!

5. Cereal Boxes as gift packages

This would undoubtedly be a great use for empty cereal boxes, made of thin cardboard or thick paper. The process is extremely simple; all you need to do is cut and fold suitably.

Wrapping Ideas turn cereal boxes into great gift bags!
Need a box? Use an empty cereal box! They’re sturdy, and a great size for a LOT of presents, like those odd-shaped, hard-packaged products such as headphones, ear buds, and more.


6. Tree parts as wrapping materials

Borrowing from nature is definitely one of the best things. Little branches, dried flowers, seed pods, pine cones and pine sprigs do indeed make great wrapping materials and accessories.

Wrapping Ideas go natural and use tree parts, like leaves and seed pods as part of your natural wrapping idea. A great gift for that gardener!
WOW – and you just swept those old seed pods and leaves away. Now you have another use for them besides the compost bin!


7. Office Supplies as gift wrappers

Possess loads of odd things in your office supply drawer? They can help you wonderfully in gift wrapping- envelopes, old papers, and labels can come of great use.

Wrapping Ideas - get creative and empty out your "junk drawer" with office supplies used as gift wrapping!
A great way to clean out that catch-all drawer in your office or kitchen, and make a pretty packaging idea!


8. Fabric Material as wrapping bag is one of our Wrapping Ideas that can be used again and again!

Do you know what Furoshiki is? It is the traditional Japanese art of using a cloth to wrap and carry goods. You can happily use this concept for gifts and try out gift wrapping with something like a colorful scarf.

Wrapping Ideas turn old cloth into gift bags!
Fabric bags are always a considerate gift-wrapping idea, as everyone saves them for all kinds of handy things. Small bags are great for sunglasses, little catch-all bags for your backpack or purse, and larger cloth bags can even be upcycled AGAIN into fun pillows to remind you of that special person!


9. Clay Flower Pots as gift boxes

Clay power pots are available in different sizes and shapes in your garden. Just pick up one, clean it, paint the outside and then place the present inside. It would be great if there is a dish for catching water with the pot. You can simply invert the dish over the pot to make it the gift cover.

Wrapping Ideas - use a clay pot and water tray to create a clever gift package for that avid gardener in your life.
The perfect wrapping idea for that avid gardener (or gardener wanna-be) in your life!


10. Old Calendars as Gift Wraps are fun Wrapping Ideas – find the month of the recipient for a personalized touch!

Calendars, how pretty they might be, are technically useful only for 365 days, and after that, they are as good as old paper. So, instead of throwing them away or dumping them at a corner of the house, keep them handy for wrapping gifts for any occasion.

Wrapping Ideas use old desk calendars or regular calendars as wrapping paper.
Don’t just recycle the paper from those old desk calendars. Use them as clever wrapping paper!


You can also turn Clothes Pins Into Gift Tags

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