Up-cycling Cans House

This house made of 40,000 recycled drink cans was built at Bonnaroo Music Festival last summer. I designed and built it so that up-cycling could be physically demonstrated: we used excer-cycles to pedal empty cans up a conveyor belt, 16′ to pour into the bin, which was designed to be a cylindrical house. It was a huge hit at the fest, and I’ll be building another with St. Lawrence University in March.
My mission as a sculptor is to help people see the beauty in the world around them, and not need to add more stuf to it, but rather reuse and repurpose those things which are here already. we sure do have enough stuff.
You can see more of my art work on at My Earthwork website.

Up-cycling Cans House 1 • Home Improvement
Up-cycling Cans House 2 • Home Improvement
Up-cycling Cans House 3 • Home Improvement

Sent by Thea Alvin !

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Nashira Bohlman via Facebook
Nashira Bohlman via Facebook

yeah Thea!!

Sheri Oriona
Sheri Oriona

What a great lesson for everyone. Very Cool!

Lisa M Baxter

maybe if they were crushed into bricks it would be better, as cans un crushed when rain hits the noise would be loud and annoying, plus cans do rust quickly in the rain

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