by Patty Thurlby

Upcycle Belts Into Beautiful, Ornate Wreaths!

Upcycle Belts into creative wall art or holiday decor, such as these ornate wreaths! I made this wreath with some old belts that were too cute to give to the thrift store. I cut the belts into 5-inch sections and glued to a Dollar Store wreath form. The project only took two hours and made a fun and quirky wreath.

Belt out a quirky wreath and Upcycle Belts into wall art ideas!

Upcycle Belts into wreaths and free up closet space.
Don’t throw out those old belts that you loved, but they’re out of fashion with your current wardrobe. Instead, upcycle them into unique art!
Upcycle Belts and clear out some space in your closet.
Purchase a discount-store wreath, or use old wire and make your own! Free up that valuable real estate in your closet with an idea like this!


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Taliya Quintal

Amy Myers since you always tag me in cool crafts here’s an adult one!

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