Upcycle Old Costumes Into This Fairy Wings Wreath!

Turn those leftover costume pieces into a pretty Fairy Wings Wreath. Along with an upcycled set of fairy wings, you need scissors, wire cutters, hot glue gun, and a wreath form. I got my wreath frame from Dollar Tree. The wings are easy to cut, and the fabric stretches magically over the wreath form. A dab of hot glue holds the pieces together.

Don’t store those old, small wings. Turn them into a beautiful Fairy Wings Wreath instead!

To make this Fairy Wings Wreath, you only need a few simple tools.
You need a few simple items to transform an old set of kid’s fairy wings into a beautiful wreath!
Buy a basic cheap wreath form at a Dollar Store or similar, and make a Fairy Wings Wreath.
Pick up a cheap wreath form a Dollar Store (or similar), and make a gorgeous home accessory!
Add accessories to your completed Fairy Wings Wreath.
Add your favorite accessories. Choose some leftover beads, accents, and whatever else you want!


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