Recycled ArtUpcycled Jewelry Becomes Cross Wall Art

Upcycled Jewelry Becomes Cross Wall Art

The Cross Wall Art pieces I make at my studio in New Mexico, the USA has it’s own unique name, and I sign each cross. The jeweled crosses are a mixed media wall art form. I upcycle vintage and modern jewelry elements to create my projects.

Clay and upcycled jewelry become exciting & unique Cross Wall Art

I make my pieces from recycled vintage and modern jewelry. However, I include upcycled and repurposed treasures including ornaments, belt buckles, sardine cans, bottle caps and more. Each cross is one of a kind; no two are the same. I start with a painted wood base and proceed to hand layer the jewelry and recycled treasures one piece at a time. The upcycled items are mounted on wood with a drilled keyhole for hanging on the wall or in a frame or shadow box.

Upcycled Jewelry Becomes Cross Wall Art Recycled Art Upcycled Jewelry Ideas
My one-of-a-kind crosses incorporate various upcycled media, including old jewelry and other unusual baubles!

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