Upcycled Jewelry Ideas

You’ll never imagine all the materials around you that could be recycled or upcycled into jewels! This category will show you hundreds of ideas and projects of upcycled jewelry. If you want to be original and wear something not common, take some inspiration here and your next jewel will be unique, handmade & upcycled!

Modern Ethical Jewelry

By Ecofactoriaartesanal

Modern design jewelry using traditional and modern influences, with and ethical approach.

Jingle Jangle Necklace

By Tanjamaltija

What do you do with bits and bobs from a clutch of broken necklaces that each happen to have some beads in your favorite color? Simple – you make a […]

Battlespoon: Recycled Stainless Teaspoon Pendant in Heavy Metal Style

By Neokentin

I made this pendant using a rotary tool and tungsten carbide cutters. For a rougher shaping I used my DIY rotary tool stand, it makes shaping little easier, because it […]

Handcrafted Dreamcatcher Coin Pendant

By LoraLeeArtist

Using regular coins, I created a dreamcatcher pendant based on a company’s logo. These were all hand crafted.

Diy: Gold Triangle Pendant Earrings

By Neokentin

Here’s how to make a geometric triangle shaped pendant. Make these gold DIY earrings of your dreams at no cost at all!

From Cutlery To Bold Accessories

By KrasiiIvWonders

We have decided to be bold and give a second life to old stainless steel utensils. Some of them are shiny; some are vintage style, and some are with oxidized silver effect. The common thing about all of them is that they have been created with love and passion. Each one of our items is unique and can’t be done again.

Old Forks Into Necklaces

By Soikkeli

Old scratchy stainless forks don’t sound fascinating material.  I have made small carving knives and chisels from the handles… and some different kind of necklaces from the rest of it. […]

Jar Of Bracelets

By Neokentin

Made from 100% upcycled materials.; Plastic water bottles and reclaimed tissue paper.

Fancy Necklaces Made Out Of Upcycled Dials Watches

By Neokentin

Time is standing still … how often would it be great ;) Gabarage upcycling design gives used dials a new life as a wonderful necklace.

Blooming Jewels – Recycled Plastic Bottles into Amazing Jewelry


PLASTIC IS FANTASTIC is eco, super light and unique in every way.

Ema Creations

By Emaltea

Create the image of recycling is not a business idea, but rather an image of the product that we have already used and not released into the environment.

How To Make An Easy Scrap T-shirt Flower Brooch

By boreidesign

How to use an old t-shirt to make an easy flower brooch or embellishment.

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