Upcycled Kitchen Mirror Makes Room Look Huge!

We moved to a larger apartment with a bit of damage from the prior tenants. The damaged area was right in front of our kitchen sink, so you had to stare at it every time you did dishes. NO! We created this Upcycled Kitchen Mirror instead, and it made the room look enormous!

Don’t wait for the landlord to eventually do repairs. Create something like this Kitchen Mirror instead!

I used free wood to create the frame, and also use more for the little shelf. I think it makes the “window” really POP. I added some pretty curtains to give the illusion of a real window.

I made my Kitchen Mirror using found materials.
My projects started with these bits of found materials.
Here's the finished project - my Kitchen Mirror - with a decorative shelf installed.
I also added this little shelf to add a bit interest.
When you have a poor view, damaged walls, or other things that you don't want to see, make a Kitchen Mirror or use the idea to create something beautiful to hide the boring!
Here’s how our project looked to start with. BORING! BLAH! I had to fix it.
When you put up a Kitchen Mirror, it makes the room look larger!
So much better! I don’t have a window, so I had to make something nicer to look at. It also makes the kitchen look larger!
Dont wait on your landlord to fix walls. Make a Kitchen Mirror instead.
My mirror makes the kitchen look so much bigger, and it is a much nicer view than just a blank wall with damaged areas. Plus, I did not have to wait for the landlord to do something.
Heres the crafter of this brilliant Kitchen Mirror
Me! :)

Here’s another beautiful idea for a Pallet Coffee Table.  Make a Poster Frame from Old Windows.


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Looks nice.

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