Upcycled Led-lit Mini Winter Model Village

I made my Upcycled Mini Winter Model Village using plywood for the cabins. I upcycled fiber-optic lighting from an old lamp and used toothpicks to create a log cabin look for the walls of the little homes.

This Upcycled Mini Winter Model Village is a perfect project to build with the kids!

First, I drew out the walls and roofs of the houses onto some thin plywood. I cut the pieces out with a hacksaw, then glued the homes together with a hot glue gun. Then I realized that toothpicks made a perfect to scale log, so clad my houses with toothpicks to get that log cabin look.The plain box I bought for £5, but this could be made from pallet wood too! I crafted the trees from some old rope and wire. LED lights cost £1, and the tree lights are from an old fiber optic nightlight lamp my daughter no longer requires.

This little Winter Model Village is a fun upcycling project. the little cabins are sided with toothpicks to imitate log sides.
Heres my little winter village that I built on the back of a box.
This Winter Model Village is a perfect project to do with the kids.
This project is entertaining to build with the kids.
Light up the Winter Model Village with holiday lights to create a warm and lively feel.
Add little holiday lights, and the cabins look warm and lively.
Winter Model Village lit up well in the shadows.
In the shadows, the mini village looks cheerful and bright.

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Looks beautiful. A step by step guide/photos and measurements would enhance the page.

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