Upcycled Levi Strauss Jeans Into Bags

A friend gave me several pairs of used Levi Strauss Jeans. I had fun upcycling Levi Strauss Jeans Into Bags! I recycled them by doing sewing work: 1 bag for me, 1 bag for the sewing machine and a rug. They’ll all last many years!

Upcycle Levi Strauss Jeans Into Bags – they’re durable and stylish, plus they’ll last a long time!

Upcycled Levi Strauss Jeans Into Bags 1 • Accessories

These recycled jeans don’t look used; they are fashion-forward and would work with business attire to casual wear. This messenger-style bag has an extra outer pocket, sturdy D-rings and a wide nylon strap for comfort when you’ve got busy days and lots of errands to run!

Upcycled Levi Strauss Jeans Into Bags 3 • Accessories

This little purse would be a sassy addition to your weekend wardrobe. The outer contrasting pockets are functional and cute!

Upcycled Levi Strauss Jeans Into Bags 5 • Accessories

When you’re done making cool purses, turn the leftover material into a cute, durable, and washable rug. Just save the waist tag for clear identification of the donor material!

Fun idea! And here’s an idea for what to do with those leftover waist tags  – turn them into Waist Tag Bracelets! With all this great upcycling going on, and cool accessories being made, you’ll surely need more storage like this Pallet Wardrobe!

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Jane Clark

We also made these in the ’70’s <3

Reply to  Jane Clark

Good ideas are not necessary new ideas ;)

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