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Upcycled No-kill Trophy Head Has Mechanical Bird Friend

Have a unique hunting trophy without killing while upgrading your bicycle. Change out the old seat for a new one and upcycle the old seat into a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art. Make a Trophy Head, and maybe your bottom will thank you. This was a welded project and used a few upcycled metal parts.

A No-Kill Trophy Head? And a Mechanical Bird Friend? You must see these creations!

Every time you upgrade parts on your bicycle or other outdoor equipment, look at the old parts in a different way! Be sure to upcycle the cardboard boxes that the new parts came in! If you have the welder out, make a man-cave treasure chest!

Build a cute Trophy Head out of upcycled bicycle parts and save your backside while saving critters.
Save your tush while saving critters, too! This project is doubly beneficial!
Use an old plaque, butcher block, or even pallet wood for the mountaing plate on this Trophy Head.
Use an old plaque, butcher block, or even pallet wood for the mounting plate.
This Trophy Head has a mechanical birdy buddy sculpture!
The welding equipment was out, so you might as well use those other leftover parts and create an adorable birdy buddy!


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