by Jerry Van Vleet

Windmill Overhead As Bed

Back on the old homestead nothing like a good nights sleep! Why not under the stars with the hum of the windmill overhead & how about in the water tank? This legend is seen all over the west it’s as fun from a distant as it is to climb into for that great night sleep. Don’t be afraid of the height, the tower night stands to sit just right to stand the test of time “& hold plenty in each of the three drawers”. The Bed has almost as much storage as the barn 12 drawers to be exact.. made of reclaimed walnut, galvanized water troughs & a six ft. Windmill head this piece was shown at the Cody high style design show at the Buffalo Bill Museum & Won the prestigious award of “best use of materials”.

Windmill Bed w.

Windmill tower nightstand open

Windmill bed at museum


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Aimee M Salazar
Aimee M Salazar

I so want some windmill blades to go in my master bedroom. Where can I purchase them?

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