Tennis ball jewelry




++ Elke Munkert

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  1. Patty Shaw - April 26, 2009

    How much is your tennis ball jewerly??

  2. Astoria markovic - August 9, 2009

    Love the idea, i would totally get that.

  3. blinka - October 29, 2009

    do you know where i can buy it?

  4. Recyclart - October 30, 2009

    @ blinka : just follow the link and ask to the designer !

  5. lauren - January 16, 2011

    Wait which link…?

  6. Paula - September 10, 2011

    Can I buy it ?? Please, who can tell me sth how can I contact with the designer ??

  7. Sophie - October 1, 2011

    How to order the Tennis ball jewelry.

    Is there a website?

  8. Beth - November 30, 2012

    Man Ive heard almost every song Screw did and I would have to say this is got to be one of my fvieuratos by far. Balllll cappsss and tennnisss shoess haha. Holdin it down baby.

  9. Laurie Cox Viles via Facebook - February 12, 2013

    Peggy, we should try making this. Whatcha think?

  10. Linda Krysinski via Facebook - February 12, 2013

    So creative.

  11. Peggy Melton via Facebook - February 13, 2013

    I like it AND they could be jazzed up,,,,bejeweled…

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