Toilet seat waterfall

Located in South China’s Gunagdong Province, this waterfall is made from thousands of recycled toilet seats, urinals, and sinks. It is about 100 meters long and 5 meter tall.

This art project is a part of local tradeshow for pottery and porcelain products. It attracts many visitors to take a look for this weird waterfall.

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Who is Neodim?

Co-founder of Recyclart. Working hard also to bring the spicy touch to Recyclart :)


  1. Jolis Corinne - August 19, 2010


  2. Angela - January 5, 2011

    Why don’t they take all these and actually install them in all the public places that still have squatty potties!! I hated using public restrooms when we visited China!

  3. Julie Moore via Facebook - August 5, 2011

    not loving it…

  4. Haldis Kismul via Facebook - August 5, 2011

    They look new… This is adverticement art, not Recycle Art.

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