Metal barrel cupboard

Beautiful work by the German Team of Lockengeloet (St pauli, Hamburg). They take metal barrels and transform them to make these stunning cupboard they call “Schrank”.

Sold here for 399 euros (french)

++ Lockengeloet

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  1. Christine - February 22, 2011

    Beautiful. You’ll also love this work:

  2. GarageCat - May 8, 2011

    Nice barrel they must buy them new. Any used barrel would be pretty beat up.

  3. Surminga - June 4, 2012

    Very nicely made – they’re great

  4. despina pega - June 4, 2012


  5. Jon Kelsey - September 21, 2014

    A normal person would not want a used 55 gallon drum for a cupboard(you know what they ship/store in them,right?). If you can find a new one (as it looks like in the pic) it’s hardly “recycle-art” is it?

  6. Judith Light-Baker - September 22, 2014

    I’m thinking this could make a cute bar for a small apartment, or a guy’s man cave.

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