by Loftyideas4u

Industrial Re-purposed Vintage Wooden Shoe & Metal Roller Skate Up-cycled Steampunk Lamp

Vintage Corey “5A” Shoemaker Last is a great item on it’s own as shown in photos. Vintage distressed and rusted Roller Skate is a great find and fits the Wooden shoe perfectly. The Roller Skate still has it’s original strap and it’s attached to Wooden Shoe as shown in photo. Light has a on / off toggle switch for convenience located on the light socket lamp.

The black Metal Cage Shade compliments the vintage industrial style as shown in photo. The light bulb as shown is a 11 watt bulb and is included as shown in photo. Please note that you can use up to a 40-60 watt bulb if needed, but is very bright with the open cage lamp shade.

The lamp stem is covered with a plastic conduit to hide the metal and lamp cord. Please note that this is the only part of this lamp that has been faux painted to match the other rust and patina areas that really make this lamp the steampunk industrial treasure that it is.

As seen in photo lamp measures from top to bottom 19″ in height.

Metal Roller Skate / Wooden Shoe measures 11″ length X 3.5″ width X 5.5″ height.




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