Antique Singer Sewing Machine Dining Room Table

When my husband and I moved to Brooklyn, we knew we still wanted a dining room table, but we had to downsize. We Craigslist-ed our previous dining room table and began the search for a dining room table that had as much pre-war character as our new apartment. My mother had purchased a Singer sewing machine (circa 19020’s) from an antique store, but hadn’t used it in a long time, so she offered this as an option. Her idea was to use the base and remove the original sewing machine top, as this was hardly an eating surface. I found an Ikea table top for $19.99, and along with my family’s assistance, we affixed the new table top to the base, added a runner, and Voila! We’re pretty darn proud of it, we must admit, and it’s now our favorite piece of furniture!

Living room 13 Antique Singer Sewing Machine Dining Room Table in furniture with sewing machine dining room table Antique

++ More information at The Ginger Penny Pincher: A blog Maintaining Champagne Style on a Beer Budget, where they explore money AND resource saving tips, as well as ways to reuse, repurpose and upcycle!
Idea sent by Courtney Foster-Donahue !

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  1. Bambang PE - October 2, 2011

    same with me..but I’m Standard brand…

  2. Marie Claire via Facebook - October 3, 2011

    Pas mal pour le coup d’oeil, mais pas idéal pour caser ses jambes pendant le repas!

  3. Dona - November 3, 2013

    That is a great idea. The table is beautiful! ( In the kitchen, the Y and the M on the wall are turned around the wrong way. Check a thick and thin font like Times Roman, and you’ll see the difference.) Have a great day!

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