Bottle top bathroom curtain

Bottle tops make great features in windows, doorways and as divisions- they also make a great sound when moved! More ideas on our facebook site Rustig: lights*furniture*decor


++ More information at Rustig Facebook page !
Idea sent by Elke Dehoust !

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  1. Sobaka Kachalova via Facebook - September 22, 2012

    the purpose?

  2. Gwen Hooper via Facebook - September 23, 2012

    To pretty up your otherwise dull bathroom 😉

  3. The Sweet Potato via Facebook - October 2, 2012

    This would be a great doorway to a craft room!

  4. The Sweet Potato via Facebook - October 2, 2012

    im afraid my dogs would try to eat it…

  5. willow(isa) - October 9, 2012

    très beau rendu !

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