by Kadri Karu

A Lampshade Made of Tablecloths

This is a lamp made of three old tablecloths knitted (linen string) by my mother, grandmother and godmother. Since nobody used them on the tables anymore (too many stains and too complicated to get linen straight after laundry…) I decided to give them a new life as a source of artificial light – lamp. It was a project for my friend’s MA concert in Estonia – carried by keywords “egg”, “world”, “round”, “motion”…

I used a huge pilates ball as a mold to get a round form. PVA-glue made it strong. Transparent fabric, that I used as an inner layer worked like a frost filter – making light more smooth and cosy (taking away sharp and magical shadows of knitwork at the same time, which was a loss in a way)


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