by Mattia Altrosguardo

Altrosguardo Design

Altrosguardo is a collective that was born in Ferrara in 2009 from an idea by Mara Melloncelli and Mattia Menegatti to promote the philosophy of reuse in art and design. Working on the imagery on perception and on an emotional, re-conceptualizes the elements out of the logic of industrial production with new functions and meanings. The concept is to recover the stories, gather what you can bring back to life, with particular attention to the past, to rework and re-contextualization. They are old furniture, clothing and textiles, objects and accessories, through a conversion project, are processed, assembled, brought back to life with different creations often ironic and provocative. The result is a collection of frequently bizarre, halfway between art and design. Unique pieces that tell stories.

The Italian word itself “Altrosguardo” (AnotherLook) explains the aim of its own work, that is to see or better to “review” items from a different perspective compared to the one they were designed for. Items reveal themselves and tell us stories. They are witnesses to our history and our existence. They accompany us to the next story, and they silently leave us, getting out of us and our lives. Altrosguardo creates new stories, reprocessing memories. It comes with the unceasing changing of objects. It’s at the same time “provocation and movement.” Provocation because it challenges common ideas and habits. Movement as the reason for the change, the fickleness of the creative process, the breaking of patterns with the aim of finding new and different solutions.

It’s lateral design whose purpose is to reach results exempt from any rigid and traditional logic model. It’s a different design. It’s not a synonymous of industrial design, but of projects’ identity, expressive experiences, a semiotics analysis of objects. It’s art that flows from the everyday life into the everyday life. Playful swoops that report identity crises. Interventions that alternate plausible conditions and create improbable underworld. Germinations were coming from intuitive acts that expand the range of possibilities. It’s art that gives and takes away shape to the human experience.

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