by Mezzy Fleming

From Old to Bold

Another lazy Sunday afternoon project.

My Myriah Carey jeans cause great hilarity amongst my family as I had cut off the waist band because they were Harry Highpants. I wear them often and they have become faded, plain and boring. Too comfortable to throw out it was time to upcycle them.

I have a collection of old retro ties that I have purchased from thrift stores. For this project I picked a tie with similar colour tonings to the jeans. I used one tie and pinned it to the cuff of my jeans. I wanted to keep the integrity of the tie intact so I have left the triangle points as a features.

One cuff is thin and the other thick. For me it is not important that they are not identical. For me it is about re-telling the story of this tie in a new way.

Create your own Myriah jeans. Experiment and have fun.


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What an awespme idea! It looks really neat and before you said it was a tie, it really did just look like cool designed trouser legs!


Wide thrift store ties are the perfect fit for this project. My favourites are ties from the 1970’s with bold amazing patterns.


Cute on a skirt too and kids…when they out grow clothes they love. I’ve done something similar to shirts,but this is really cute.

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