Christmas Trees From Books

One of the most popular posts of STYLEITCHIC was for libraries sculptures where with household items and books you could build a modern sculpture on your library! Drawing inspiration from the above article, you can create easily and quickly a Christmas tree from books in the living room office or nursery! A Christmas tree sculpture can be built from big books that you just place all around! If you are worried about size, you can make a smaller one for your office using smaller books! For minimal chic look, “dress” the books on white A4 sheets and create a white tree, and if you like the colour, coat the colourful paper for gift wrapping!
If you have a fireplace, construct this beautiful adornment of books by using open books one on the top of the other arranged on a scale size (the biggest starts from the base). You can also create wonderful paper trees by folding the pages of books and by following the step by step instructions found at Kayla Aimee website or by rolling paper sheet as the rolled paper tree from Craftaphile!
See more ideas for how to make unique Christmas trees from recycled materials like newspaper, old lamps, reclaimed wood, old toys, candies and more at Styleitchic!

Christmas Trees From Books 1 • Recycling Paper & Books

Christmas Trees From Books 2 • Recycling Paper & Books

Christmas Trees From Books 3 • Recycling Paper & Books


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This year i will pick and choose as amaze as first .

Céline Debray via Facebook
Céline Debray via Facebook

Ingénieux et superbe !

fuoriskema via Facebook

ahahahahaaaaaah, genial!

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