Desk of Briefcases

Desk of Briefcases 1 • Recycled Art
Desk of Briefcases 2 • Recycled Art

(pictures copyright Leen Lagrou)

In the Desk of Briefcases there is a dynamic and nomad vibe wonderfully captured. It feels like time was suddenly stopped while these briefcases were floating trough time and space, creating an amazing desk in which the structure is the storage space, with convenient drawers of various dimensions. We agree, it’s not really recycled, as it is made by leather artisans with drawers, but the idea worth it !

++ Maarten de Ceulaer

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With the endless march of time and technology it won’t be many years before we’ll see the ‘Desk of iPads’…

Grace @shoplet
Grace @shoplet

ooh i love this! Great color choices

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Shared with a touch of MamaKins ♥.

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