Diy : Gift Wrapping

1- Burberry inspired gift wrap: use a grocery store brown paper bag to wrap packages and dress it up with red, black and white electrical tape to re-create the iconic Burberry plaid pattern.

Diy : Gift Wrapping 1 • Accessories

2- Upcycle an old VHS tape into shiny black ribbon for gifts.  Endless yards live inside these obsolete tapes…. and black goes with everything.

Diy : Gift Wrapping 2 • Accessories

3- How about eating some chips and using the shiny metal inside of the bag to wrap a present?   Just wash with soapy water, dry, invert and wrap.

Diy : Gift Wrapping 3 • Accessories

++ Found here : Daily Danny

++ From the book : Simply Green Giving

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Micky Nyaong via Facebook
Micky Nyaong via Facebook


Rogi Riverstone

Goddamn it! It’s not even Halloween (which started right after 4th of July)…..

Tina Warren-Peoples

Ummm….really?!? Christmas didn’t even cross my mind.
This would make great wrapping paper for my grandson’s 9th birthday. These are his favorite colors!

Arturo Alejandro Medina Varas

materiales nobles y simples

Silvia Cristina Sacasa

Yo he hecho empaques de regalos con bolsas kraft que me han dado en comercios y las he guardado, sale muy económico.

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