Don’t Throw Away The Glass!

Recently we purchased a home that needed updating. With updating, We no longer needed the entertainment center.
Husband saved the glass shelves with no idea what I would do with them.

Our bathroom idea was to make it more “SPA” like. Glass shelves seemed to be the current look of many “Spa” looking bathrooms. If you look at the price they can be very pricey. 7.99 bought the two brackets I needed to support the glass shelves! Awesome look don’t you think?

I’m a network marketer and enjoy the creativity that comes with thinking outside of the box. My next project to re-purpose is a baby bed after my grandson’s visit next month. He is almost out of it. I just have to be sure I don’t get ahead of myself!

I’m a people person and I would love for you to come by my website and leave a hello and let me know where you are from.

Michelle Masterson
“In Business To Help Others



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very helpful ideas thank 2 help

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