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Help Boost Eco-glassware Business Half-glassed

In a bid to cut-down on glass-waste going into landfill, Australian product designer, Glenn Goodison, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to turn his small, green business Half-Glassed into a fully-fledged operation.

The 28-year-old currently collects used glass bottles from local Berlin bars and restaurants and handcrafts them into vases, planters, candles, and drinking glasses.

However, Half-Glassed is now looking raise €15,500 to boost production methods to meet rising demand since its launch at the beginning of 2013.

Not only am I looking to introduce effective, new tools and machines, but I’m a one-man show and would love Half-Glassed to become a passionate team of crafters in London. I also have big ideas of creating new product ranges for everyday use.


Despite the growing adoption of national recycling schemes – worldwide, millions of tonnes of glass are discarded each year.

Glass, which is made from molten sand, is estimated to take hundreds of thousands of years to decompose, with some experts predicting “millions”.

Creating Half-Glassed was my little way of making good for the planted,” says Glenn: “Helping my business growth will not only help expand an eco-friendly operation – but it’ll help reduce our waste and carbon footprint.

Half-Glassed is offering great perk-packages in return for contributions made to the crowdfunding effort. But Glenn says there are more ways of contributing than one: “The next best thing people can do is to spread the good word on social media. Let’s make this happen together!”

The campaign ends on August 11.



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hola,cómo se hace para cortar el vidrio????he intentado varias veces y no lo consigo,gracias

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