Recycled Rubber

This category is dedicated to gives you some recycled & upcycled rubber ideas and inspirations, mainly from old tires and inner tubes.

Upcycling Used Bike Innertubes Into Jewellery

By Neokentin

Used bicycle innertubes can be upcycled into functional items like jewellery, wallets, wristlets, key hides, chair and stool weavings, etcetera, and are also incorporated into visual arts. I chose to make jewellery from the innertubes I rescued from a curbside bin destined for a landfill. I was on a coffee run one evening, on garbage night, and saw a bunch of snakey-looking things dropping from a trash bin. Curious, I stopped and found it was a half dozen blown bicycle inner tubes. All kinds of creative ideas flashed through my mind in seconds. I just had to have those innertubes, so I took all of them. Though I create many one-of-a-kind pieces from salvaged discards, my love of working with these snakey, rubbery loops evolved from this serendipitous ‘find’.

Recycled Rubber: Most Durable & Cost-effective Product for Flooring

By Neokentin

There is an abundance of tires in the world! They are made of rubber which is extremely durable but does not last forever, however, it does take a long time […]

‘adam’ Recycled Tires Sculpture

By oz

‘Adam’ is a sculpture made from old bicycle tires over a welded steel frame. Highlighted with copper chrome spray.

Vieux Pneus Recyclés / Recycled Tires Garden Projects

By DécoSVie

Here are some of my garden projects made with recycled tires. Voici quelques’un de mes projets fait avec de vieux pneus recyclés. Celui dont je suis la plus fière, est […]

Amazing Recycled Arts From Tires, Hubcaps & Rims

By Neokentin

Our cars take us to many exciting destinations and help us meet some fascinating people. We met people who have brought their cars from New York to New Mexico, North Dakota to […]

Girafe Stationnaire / Giraffe Made Out Of a Stationary Bike & Recycled Tires

By DécoSVie

A giraffe created from a stationary bike and old recycled tires, perfect for the kids! Une girafe créée à partir d’un vélo stationnaire et de vieux pneus recyclés.

Never Seen Wickerwork From Recycled Inner Tubes


Hi everyone! This is the second post for my FANTOME article. It’s time to tell us more about our novelties! We love wicker and we recycle inner tubes. So we […]

Handbag Made Out Of Recycled Bike Inner-tube / Camara De Ar

By Neokentin

This little fashion handbag was made from repurposed bicycle inner-tube. A camara de Ar é o resíduo mais rejeitado do planeta, e dou a ela uma segunda vida com dignidade.

Umbrella Holder From One Recycled Tire

By Neokentin

A simple & clever idea with this tire recycled into an umbrella holder…simple, useful and look nice!

The Flat Tire Brand

By Neodim

Unique and innovative products made from recycled tires.

Review: Felvarrom Recycled Innertube Belts (And Win It!)

By Neodim

A few weeks ago, I received a ‘Punctered’ inner tube belt (in a cute little inner tube bag) from Budapest upcycled/recycled cycling apparel manufacturer Felvarrom. Naturally, I had some interest to see […]

Tireflops: a Fashionable and Sustainable Footwear Solution

By Neodim

TireFlops are the new ultralight and extra comfortable flip flops. With recycled tire out-soles for maximum grip and durability.

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