Recycling Metal

Projects to gives you some inspirations for recycling metal.

Upcycled Camping Rocket Stove Using Cans / Campingofen Aus 5l Bierfass

By RogermachtBlau

I had an empty 5L beer keg at home, and I thought about tinkering a camping stove. I came up with this Upcycled Camping Rocket Stove Using Cans. Make your […]

Mondheim Recycled Metal Birdhouse

By rbk

Steel bird house from scrapped pipe, plate, bars and rods.

Transform Old Pipes Into This Awesome Steampunk Lamp!

By BigPhil

If you’re looking for a doable steampunk project, this is an excellent choice because it’s simple, functional with a flexible neck and boasts raw good looks.

This steampunk lamp is inspired by a genre of science fiction, a derived style of design and the very modern view – which is really quite ancient, and therefor fits perfectly with the steampunk philosophy – that it is always better to repurpose and reuse. The landfill is a dirty word.

Cute Kitchen Family Using Upcycled Household Products

By Igloo

Remember when you were a child and your parents use to lift you with their arms?

Upcycled Provocative Blended Doll Art

By Neokentin

When I walk into my workshop, I’m immediately inspired. The different materials I’ve collected take on new shapes, and the adventure begins. Whole and half dolls become Upcycled Blended Doll […]

Upcycled Tin Ceiling Tile Handpainted Apple Art

By Neokentin

From demolition arises beautiful artwork, such as this Tin Ceiling Tile painting! I upcycled this Tin Ceiling Tile into a combination frame and canvas to do some handpainted apple art. The ceiling […]

Drinks Dispenser From Recycled Engine Parts

By Max

I saw this idea on Internet and decided to make my own one from recycled engine parts.

From Industrial Cart to Industrial Table

By stapletonwoodworks

I picked up this rusty old cart on trash day. I repurposed it and some salvaged heart pine timbers into a beautiful table.

A Crazy-cute Way to Upcycle Your Empty Drink Can

By Neokentin

Love Upcycling? Then this cactus plant pot DIY using empty drink cans is for you. Check it out now and give your cans a new lease of life and get yourself a new, super cute, interior decoration while you’re at it.

Upcycled Motorcycle Parts Into Beautiful Floor Lamp

By floja

I wanted to create a floor lamp with a character that is heavy, rough, but has an inner beauty. My project mostly using recycled metal, and work with lathe machine, weld, […]

Recycling Cans Into Tiny Planters / Reciclado De Latas

By Tusmanosylasmias

The painting of the cans was done with synthetic turquoise and yellow enamel. Mix the turquoise and the yellow paint, and after drying, you will have a beautiful green color. Then, […]

Vintage Metal Tool Box Coffee Table


From an old metal box to a coffee table with a serving tray inside.

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