by Ecochica Davila

Upcycled Memo Coasters

I work as an Interior Designer for a high end furniture store in NY. Every month they trashed hundreds of pounds of beautiful fabric and leather samples. The idea of trashing everything was driving me crazy …. kept me asking, why all this useful material have to end in a landfill ?

The Upcycling idea pop-up in my head so I started sorting and reclaiming everything. My Memo Coasters is my first upcycled try out and I used a promotional beer coaster as a template, furniture protected leather and acrylic coated wallpaper. Cut all the pieces with a sharp scissor and glue them together. For the storage case body, I recycled expired promotional foam board and wrap it with fabric or leather.

I’m very happy to share my sustainable tiny contribution with all of you. Upcycling is a very funny way to add value to our “waste”. I encourage you to think and re-think when you trashed something, there is no Planet B, lets preserve the only one available for us.



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