Milk Crates Into Green Shelter

The winner of the City of Dreams Pavilion Competition 2010, the sustainable design of Ann Ha and Behrang Behin’s Living Pavilion, has been installed on Governors Island for the summer 2010 season as a temporary central gathering and assembly point for arts activity on the island.

Living Pavilion is a low-tech, low-impact installation that employs milk crates as the framework for growing planted surface similar to a green wallLiving Pavilion aspires to create a synthesis of form, structure, light and life. The pavilion’s surface is planted with hanging shade-tolerant plants that will provide an environment maintained at a cooler temperature because of evapo-transpiration from the plants. At the end of the season, the pavilion’s modular design will allow easy dis-assembly and distribution of the planted milk crates to the New York area for use in homes, public places, and community gardens.

Milk Crates Into Green Shelter 1 • Home Improvement

(c) 2010 Nolan Rhodes

Milk Crates Into Green Shelter 2 • Home Improvement

(c) 2010 SpatialK

Milk Crates Into Green Shelter 3 • Home Improvement


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April Busch via Facebook
April Busch via Facebook

Awesome-now let’s come up with a shelter made from all those old computer monitors!

Irene Allen

That’s beautiful! Look, Upcycle Winnie!

Hrguez RWD

Excellent, Good job!!! [HRGUEZ
Reclaimed Wood Design]

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