Red Stripe Beer Cans Used to Make Sound Sculpture

Sound artist Yuri Suzuki took the idea of recycled art to new heights with this innovative sound sculpture made from thousands of Red Stripe Lager. The project, Red Stripe’s ‘Make Something from Nothing’, blended the rich resourcefulness of Jamaican culture with unique reggae and dub influenced music. In this video the creative process is discussed by the artists involved and then the finished product is tested successfully by local musicians. Jamaican culture and reggae music are united by a DIY ethos. Musicians, artists and other creative individuals use the materials available in their environments to make something new, such as steel drums made from discarded oil cans. Suzuki’s sound sculpture was made largely from recycled cans collected during London’s Notting Hill Carnival.

DJ Al Fingers and singer/songwriter Gappy Ranks were the first musicians to interact with Suzuki’s beer can sculpture, but they were not the last. Talented musicians Ben UFO and MC Chunky used the sound system as an integral part of their musical performances at the Village Underground launch party. The rumbling, metallic sounds provided by the beer cans blended perfectly with the easy-going reggae and dubstep music played by Ranks, Ben UFO and MC Chunky.

The Red Stripe can sculpture created by Yuri Suzuki married the interests of eco-minded art with the passion of reggae and Jamaican culture. By bringing his passion for repurposing and DIY to bear on his interest in technology and sound, Suzuki was able to inspire artists who are interested in creating sustainable works of art.


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Amy Bishop McQuade via Facebook
Amy Bishop McQuade via Facebook

This is amazing!

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